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Pricing and Fees

New Patient Visit: Consult, Exam, & first Adjustment/therapy.


Established Patient Visit:
Adjustment o

Combination Adjustment & Therapy
(soft tissue therapy, 
stretching )




Myofascial Release

Soft Tissue Massage

Assisted Stretching 

Stress Relief Techniques:
-Stress and pain relief breathing technique
-Somatic movement
-Vagal Nerve

Activities of Daily living

Travel Fee: (fee may apply if outside of 10 mile radius of 78504, I will let you know based on your address.)     

We accept only: Cash, Zelle, Credit Cards, $Cash App

 I am 100% cash based but a "Super-Bill" (upon request) can also be provided for insurance reimbursement as applicable for you.

Discounted Rates available for:

We have chiropractic care that will fit your needs.

  1. Family Members (at same location)

  2. Co-workers (at same location)

  3. Package of Adjustments

  4. Monthly Wellness Plans


spine and pelvis
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