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Movement and spinal DISC health




Wellness & Prevention:

We have DISCS between each spinal bone so that we can have shock absorption and better dynamic movement through our torso. These discs actually DO NOT have a direct blood supply where nutrients can be delivered through. Instead, when your SPINE MOVES in healthy ways (yoga, stretching, pilates, working out, walking, dancing, swimming, etc.) then that movement causes nutrients from the surrounding vertebra TO BE ABSORBED into the discs (imbibition).

The important thing here is that KEEPING ACTIVE AND MOVING YOUR BODY will help keep your disc and spinal bones healthy and strong. This is proactive wellness and prevention. One condition people get is a “HERNIATED DISC” and most common areas are the neck and the low back regions. Things like heavy lifting + twisting or heavy impacts from car accidents or falls and other traumas can cause these herniations. They can be VERY painful, radiate into other areas (numbness/tingling/weakness), and can immobilize you.

(EMERGENCY Surgery can be indicated when a person experiences LOSS OF BLADDER CONTROL and or THEIR BOWELS due to DISC/SPINAL CORD injury. Call 911 if this happens to you or anyone, ASAP.)

Getting ADJUSTED is an excellent way to keep your DISC HEALTHY because the chiropractor will do specific movements/adjustments to your spine where it NEEDS IT THE MOST. Yoga is another great example of movement that keeps a spine super healthy…and in essence staying active is key. Instead of SUCCUMBING to injuries like a disc herniation, aim for prevention and wellness.

*Get in the habit of avoiding sitting for prolonged periods because sitting puts the most pressure into each disc. *Get up and walk around and stretch, anything to move your spine and change the pressure in the discs and get nutrients in there.

As always, you want to KEEP HYDRATED and get sufficient RESTFUL SLEEP at night, so that when we have microtraumas to our tissues in our spine, joints, and muscles from our everyday life, they can be self-repaired through our body’s self-healing natural ability.

If you know anyone who could benefit by getting adjusted click on or at Check out our new patient specials. One can message me via FB messenger or text 956-450-9311 for questions about anything health related or to book an appointment. Have a great one !

Dr. Flores

Boost your Wellness by being Proactive with your Body. #mcallenchiropractor #rgvchiropractor #mobilechiropractic #rgvwellness #rgv

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