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Frequently Asked Questions

chiropractor Mcallen, TX Edinburg, TX service areas for The Chiro House Call, Mobile Chiropractic
chiropractor in Mcallen, TX and Edinburg, TX  mobile chiropractic, Dr. Victor Flores
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X-Ray Results

Question: What is "mobile chiropractic" and "service areas?"

Mobile chiropractic is where the doctor drives to your location (home/office/business) to provide chiropractic adjustments and adjunct therapy such as soft-tissue therapy, stretching, and stress relief techniques. This makes it convenient for you because you don't have to drive anywhere or sit in waiting rooms.


The doctor is friendly, professional, and values trust and quality chiropractic care. 

"Service areas" are the cities where the chiropractic doctor will drive to for providing chiropractic care and include:

Mcallen, TX

Edinburg, TX

Mission, TX

San Juan, TX

Pharr, TX

If you are outside the service area, we will let you know at the time of appointment request to see if you can be accommodated and if any travels fees are involved.

Question: What can I expect when the doctor comes to my address/location?

The doctor comes to your place and sets up a portable table (only small space required). He will then go over your health history, perform a focused chiropractic exam of your areas of complaint, and then go over findings with you. Upon consent, your first adjustment and any supportive therapy is given with any follow up recommendations. 

Question: Where will the doctor set up and do I have to do anything to prepare?

The doctor will only need a small space (5x8) for the professional portable table and other small equipment he may bring. It is helpful to be near an outlet. You really don't have to do anything other than show him in and not have too many distractions going on so that all the focus is on you! The equipment is light and no help is needed from you to set up. You don't have to clean the whole house etc :) We want you to be relaxed and "present" during the "house call visit" to receive your chiropractic care.

Question: What do I wear for the first visit?


It is a good idea to wear loose, casual, comfortable clothing like shorts and a t-shirt. Avoid skirts and tight clothing that is more restrictive of movement.

Question: How long will the first visit or other subsequent visits take?


After a focused exam, first adjustment, and any supportive therapy, time can last anywhere from 45 min to an hour. Subsequent visits can last 15-30 minutes or longer depending on what treatments are done. Please let the doctor know ahead of time if there any time constraints.

Question: Will you take my insurance and what forms of payment are accepted?


We do not accept insurance and payment can be made via Credit Card, Cash, Zelle, Cash$app, Venmo and FSA/HSA cards. A "Super bill" can be provided that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement if applicable. 

Question: Will I feel sore after an adjustment or treatment?

Most of the time you will not feel sore, but sometimes it may feel like a good sore because your spinal joints and muscles have been mobilized and as a result, you have more mobility and range of motion.

Question: How many adjustments and or sessions will I need with the doctor?

Your treatment recommendations are based on your specific findings and are unique to you. A follow up visit is normally scheduled after your initial visit to see how you responded to the first visit and to give any further recommendation for chiropractic care. 

Question: Do I need to get x-rays?

If I feel you need x-rays, I will let you know. We can refer you to a radiology/imaging center nearby and can review your results and applicable recommendations. X-rays would be a separate fee by the imaging center.

Question: What can I do between appointments to feel better faster?

We heartily invite you to be an active, engaged participant in your care. Any recommended exercises, stretches, ice/heat applications, lifestyle changes, or other active stress reduction processes will speed your way to optimum progress. Sometimes slow and easy is what the body needs for releasing long held chronic stress patterns.

​When it comes to healing, one thing we know for sure is that the mind can be a powerful ally. The more positive and optimistic a person is, the better the odds of feeling better sooner. We are very proud of our great record for helping our patients achieve a level of health and well-being that they didn’t know was possible. Check out our google profile and reviews.


Question: How are cancellations or reschedulings work?

Due to the travel and extra time requirements of the house call model, efficient scheduling is a top priority. A fee for the scheduled service will be charged for missed appointments and appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice.

Question: If I want to refer a family member, what is the best way?

Answer: you can give the doctor their contact info or text the doctor anytime with their information or during your visit, mention it to the doctor. We have discounts for family members in the same home or location. We strive to make it it accessible to the whole family at very reasonable rates.


Don't hesitate to see how we can help a family member, friend, colleague, etc.

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